Yamanaka Onsen Yubatake Inn "HANATSUBAKI"

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Free Shuttle Bus

Free shuttle bus from Kaga Onsen Station.

We offer free pick-up service from Kaga Onsen Station to Hana Tsubaki.
Reservations are required up to the previous day, so please make a reservation by phone.
In addition, you can apply for a bus from Hana-Tsubaki to Kaga-Onsen Station by applying from check-in to breakfast the next day.
There is no bus service during the time when no reservation customers are present, so please be sure to make a reservation.
* The following schedules are not regular flights.

Depart Kaga Onsen Station Hana Tsubaki Arrives
14:30 14:55
15:30 15:55
16:30 16:55
17:30 17:55
Hana Tsubaki Departure Arrival at Kaga Onsen Station
8:00 8:25
9:00 9:25
10:00 10:25
11:00 11:25
Komatsu Airport Free Shuttle Bus

We provide free transfer service from Komatsu Airport to Tsubaki.br> Advance reservations are required by the day before. Please make an advance reservation by phone or email.
The shuttle bus exits from the entrance in front of the arrival lobby and crosses the pedestrian crossing to the "general car stop/chartered bus stop".
Details will be explained when applying in advance.



Yamanaka Onsen is literally a terrain of a valley created by a flowing clear stream surrounded by mountains, and many scenic spots such as Tsurusenkei are entertained. You can also enjoy the rustic countryside, and you can enjoy many photo spots and shopping on Kutani ware, crafts such as Yamanaka lacquerware, and the Yuge Kaido.

Sightseeing information of Yamanaka Onsen "Yamanaka walk" (PDF file) download